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We started with a pure premium soy candle base making sure that our candles have zero Paraffin/Cancerous materials like many large chains carry. Then we add a very generous amount of finest fragrance and essential oils to bring about the true body of our aromatherapy candles. Using essential oils instead of cheaply made fragrance oils makes the honest difference in the final finish of the scent of our candles. Next step, we top them with all natural ,top grade, fresh dried botanicals.  Making them a more natural delight for you and your guests. The wax puddle absorbs these botanicals and release a lovely, unique scent. And finally himalayan pink sea salt to release negative Ions, increase air purification, increases energy and wellbeing. It also helps relieves symptoms of Asthma.


Burn Time is 4 hours per tea light


Botanical & Essential Oil Infused 6 pack Tealight Premium Soy Candle

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